Recipe Rhymes: Spaghetti

14 Feb

I haven’t actually had a chance to use this one with Caterpillar, but I intend to. Recipes for pasta dishes are quite flexible in this house to the point that I never make the same dish exactly the same way twice, and this recipe kind of reflects that attitude.


Fill a pot up with water and set it to boil.

Put a pan on the stove, coat the bottom with oil.

Saute an onion, chopped with finesse

and two cloves of garlic, crushed in a press.

Brown up some ground beef if you’re in the mood

(or skip it for good vegetarian food).

Get out tomato sauce, open the can,

Then pour out the whole of it into the pan.

Next add the herbs – basil, rosemary,

oregano, thyme – your flavors may vary.

Salt it a bit, let it simmer, and then

go back to the the boiling water again.

Get the dry noodles, cook them in the pot.

Be careful; remember: the water is hot!

Strain out the water; dinner’s almost complete.

Mix it all up together, and it’s time to eat!


One Response to “Recipe Rhymes: Spaghetti”

  1. Kelli March 8, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

    I love to rhyme! You did an awesome job:) Sounds good too:)

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